Officers of Lom Customs House seized 11,580 cigarettes from a private home



Officers of Lom Customs House denounced a distributor of illegal cigarettes from the town of Lom.

On 24.10.2017. during a check at the home of an illegal merchant of excise goods without excise labels customs inspectors found 11580 pieces / 579 boxes / cigarettes of two different brands.

In the presence of an investigating customs inspector, officers from the Operational Control sector carried out a search and seizure.The cigarettes were housed in plastic cans of cheese and in various household dishes scattered in different places in the housing estate.
3780 pieces are of the brand "CORSET" with the inscription on the boxes DUTY FREE and 7800 pieces of the "ROSSEMAN" brand. All boxes are with out Bulgarian excise labels.

The pre-trial proceeding was  initiated on the case. It is under the supervision of the Regional Prosecutor's Office - Lom. Work on the case continues.