Customs officers from Customs of Plovdiv seizes illegal 13 152 kg of gas propane -butane and over 7000 liters of fuels


Customs officers from Customs of Plovdiv and employees TD of NRA Plovdiv seized 13 152 kg gas propane-butane and 5387 l of diesel and 2186 l of petrol.
On 9 and 10 November 2017,during the inspections at five petrol stations on the territory of the municipalities of Sadovo, Parvomai, Asenovgrad and Dimitrovgrad customs officers and tax officers they found great differences between the documents for the delivered quantities and the readings of the level systems of the fuel storage vessels. For the fuel are not represented documents for paid excise. The containers in which the illegal fuel is stored are sealed. Laboratory analysis samples were taken. The case will be instituted administrative penal proceedings.