Customs officers seized over 3.4 tonnes of illegal alcohol


Customs mobile group and customs officers from Ugozapadna Customs House seized 3487 litres of the illegal alcohol when checking in Petrich village.
On 14.11.2017, an inspection has been performed a registered and specialized small distillation facility in a private property with a house with a yard and storage rooms. During the inspection the customs officers found in two buildings, 2713 liters in plastic bottles with a capacity of 5, 10 and 11 liters, 774 liters in two PVC containers of 200 liters and a plurality of plastic bottles from 10 liters filled with a colorless liquid with a smell of ethyl alcohol without documents.
A total of 3487 liters of alcohol, without documents for paid excise duty and origin, were seized. Administrative penal proceeding been initiated.