Inspectors from Ruse Customs House detained 4170 boxes of cigarettes in two attempts for illegal export in commercial quantities



Officers of Ruse Customs House prevented two identical attempts to illegally export cigarettes with Bulgarian excise labels in commercial quantities for countries from Western Europe. In both cases, the consignments were traveling without required by law supporting documents. The total amount of retained cigarettes is 4170 boxes / over 8 masterboxes /.

The two cigarette-carrying cars have appeared on the "exit" route at the Danube Bridge1 on 23.02.2018 around noon.

The Rat dog was involved at the beginning of the inspections. It is specialized in the discovery of tobacco products.

From the first car customs officers took out a total of 1,850 boxes / 37,000 pieces / cigarettes, and from the second - 2,320 boxes / 46,400 pieces /.

All cigarettes have a Bulgarian excise label but without the required legal documents for the carriage of excise goods in commercial quantities to other countries in the community.

The all cigarettes were taken from the two cars. Administrative criminal proceedings will be instituted on the cases.