Customs officers detained over 37 kg of heroin at the Danube Bridge 1 border checkpoint


Customs officers detained over 37 kg of heroin in a car with an Italian registration.
The car was driven by an Albanian citizen residing in Italy. He arrived at the Exit route at Danube Bridge 1 BCP  on March 5, 2018,  in the morning. Customs inspectors from the department "Fight against drugs", Ruse Customs House,  directed the car to scrutiny. The driver declared that he was carrying only personal belongings.

During the inspection of the car customs officers identified some unusual changes in the floor structure of the vehicle. In the secrets, they found a total of 68 beige powder packets. Each of the packages has an approximate weight of 550 grams. The field drug test showed that the substance is heroin.

The officers immediately reported the case to an investigating customs inspector and duty prosecutor from the District Prosecutor-Rousse.  An pre-trial proceeding was  initiated on the case. Albanian drug trafficker was detained with a prosecution measure for 72 hours in Ruse arrest.
According to preliminary data, the value of the detained drug is over BGN 1 500 000. Samples of heroin have been sent for laboratory analysis.