Customs officers found over 40 000 pieces cigarettes in a secret compartment of a trailer in the area of Danube Bridge 2



Officials of Lom Customs House prevented attempt to illegally export of 48 500 pieces / 2425 boxes / cigarettes for commercial purposes to Western European countries. The attempt were detected near the Danube Bridge 2.

On the day of the national holiday - March 3, arrives passenger van, with trailer. Customs officers selected the van for inspection. During the inspection customs officers were found 48 500 pieces / 2425 boxes/ cigarettes of  different brands hidden in specially constructed secrets in between the beams of the trailer.  The cigarettes were destined for Germany.

 Tobacco products are transported to another EU country without the commercial documents required by law. Cigarettes are detained in a warehouse at Lom Customs House. Administrative criminal proceeding were instituted against the driver.